Now entering Waterford

When we arrived it had been snowing which is apparently rare for this part of Ireland. The hills and roads were covered in snow and it appears we had just caught a good bit of luck to even be allowed to land in Dublin as Kearas parents plane was diverted to Paris on their way in.


The countryside is seriously amazing to drive through and it’s littered with remnants of castles and old churches.


The town where Finton and Annette live may sound familiar if you’re a connoisseur of fine crystals as this is the sight of the Waterford crystal factory and showroom. Apparently the present state of the world economy has hit hard here as well since the factory seems to be shut down. The place where we are staying is just a bit out of town and has a fantastic view of the country. Apparently Keara spent a great deal of her time here as a kid but doesn’t show it, she knows her way around pretty well and its pretty funny to hear her let the Irish in her out now that she’s here.


Ever since we got here everyone has been joking aound about “tinkers” and I wasn’t completely sure what they were talking about. “They are like Brad Pitt’s character in Snatch” is the best description I got. I didn’t want to believe it until I saw this:


Sure enough they are exactly like the “Pikeys” in Snatch abandoned baby carriage and all, they roam the country in their caravans and consume the roadsides leaving only rubbish and discord in their wake. The local government has deployed low barriers at roadside rest stops to prevent caravans from entering… gypsies, a real problem across the globe.

We were on our way to a favorite eatery of the group, a place called the Horse and Hound Inn. I have to say so far the food here has been exactly what I love, mornings begin with a “Fry” which is basically eggs, bacon, sausage and “pudding” which is some sort of fried ground meat, and it is all delectable. At the Inn I got to sample another of Irelands great Ales, Smithwick’s.


(I know the Guinness picture came out much better)

Then we were off to forest mountain (the actual name was something in Gaelic that I didn’t write down but this is what it translates to) where we could get a view of the whole county. Also JFK’s ancestors apparently come from this area as there is a park in his name here and several statues scattered around, his ancestral home is also preserved here, we had a quick drive by.

IMG_1475 IMG_1467


Pressed ham courtesy of Richard Goldblatt.

2 Responses to “Now entering Waterford”

  1. Lilliam Donnell Says:

    Hi Rob: This is Lilliam (your parents friend from CUBA) who read your complete Japan Blog and enjoyed it tremendously – Since Mom gave me your address I’m in Ireland w/you – you might research my last name: DONNELL – I have a cousin who was there and found our roots…..HAVE A GREAT AND SAFE TIME!!Lilliam Donnell

  2. Hi Robbie, so wonderful to hear from you, I am very pleased that you are having a great time (even though I knew you would) and to see all of you guys, even Richard’s behind. I though I had spoken to you about the Waterford factory but I guess I did not. Continue having a great time and posting your blog. Say Hi to everyone and thank Keara’s family for me. I love you, Mom

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