Make yourself at home

The flight over was actually not bad. I’m not sure if it is the economic situation or the time of month but MIA was abandoned. And the flight over was empty too! Keara and I got caught up watching an episode of the office and missed out on the empty row sniping.


Quick switch over at Heathrow and before we knew it we were in Dublin. Keara’s parents and aunt and uncle Annette and Finton were all waiting for us at the airport and we all got in the car for the drive to Waterford. Apparently the drive used to take well over 3 hours but the new highway that had been built saved us some time as it got us half way there. Once the Highway ended we were on real Irish country roads, barely 2 car widths wide and winding constantly. Passing oncoming traffic was an experience, but luckily Finton is a skilled driver.

Waterford is a beautiful city and it has many quirks, the first was a giant painting of a girls face who’s eyes follow you all the way down the river that makes up the main road into town.


We settled in and promptly headed out to a favorite local pub, where I had my first REAL Guinness!


words can not describe how good it was. Then when we were done they brought us complimentary mini Guinness shots


The shots were actually Tia Maria with some fresh cream on top but they certainly hit the spot.

I have to get going but here are some shots of the room I’ll be calling home for a few nights, I’ve never had a fireplace in my bedroom before and I have to say that stoking a fire right before bed is a custom I could easily get used to.


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  1. Robbie, keep it coming – I love it, the gang looks fantastic. I love you, Mom

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