Of mice and men…

Having great plans is one thing, having them work out is another… I was planning on taking both my cameras with me on this trip, my point and shoot keep in my pocket camera and my canon S5 IS for outdoor shots and pics of some of the famous rolling hills I’ve heard so much about. Well, my canon hasn’t gotten much shutter time since the first round of artsy type shots I took with it when I got it last summer. So when I fired it up last night I was pretty destroyed to see that the image on both the viewfinder and the LCD was completely distorted! I called Canon today and they apparently recalled this whole series of cameras for this reason so they’ll fix it for free but I’m back to a single camera for the trip… boo.

2 Responses to “Of mice and men…”

  1. Keara Goldblatt Says:

    thank you for the extremely detailed information about your cameras…i don’t know if i will be able to sleep for the next few nights knowing that…

  2. helloo my favorite fairy twinkle toes- have fun and robbie- come back with a slew of stereotypical irish sayings! have fun guyss

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