Going back to Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo

Sadly, we left Nagoy yesterday. The girls did give us a fine farewell though. They wanted to take us to their favorite bar in Sakae, but once again… it was closed. So we went back to the English pub that treated us so well our first night in town. We had a great time with Yukiko and Jon Jon, and the bar food was pretty interesting, I’ve never eaten pizza with chopsticks before…


Ansen took right to it like a fish to water though. We said our sad goodbyes and parted ways to hopefully meet up again either back in miami or on some other travels. The girls gave me a fantastic parting gift, taking into consideration my penchant for good drinks, they gave me a bottle of Sake made by locals here in Nagoya.


All in all I’d have to say our experience in Nagoya was our favorite, and this is in no small part thanks to Yukiko, Mayumi, and Jon Jon. So thank you all very much for being such great hosts, we had a truly unforgettable time!!

The next morning we rose and got our things together to leave for Tokyo. When we got here we went back to Akihabara because that place is like techno heaven for me. we found an 8 story electronics and toy store that was beyond description. For a place that is constantly trying to show how new and over its own past it is, it was really funny to find an entire isle dedicated to Godzilla toys:


Keara found all her hello kitty crap and lost her mind…


But this was my favorite part. Please tell me where you think you would commonly find this group of gentlemen:


The bank? A convention on how to be stuffy and business like? no no no… this, my friends, is the video game section of this massive store! and here is one of these business types playing with his psp in the store:


I love it, a toy store filled with businessmen. It was a pretty funny experience. We are going to try and make our way to the Imperial Palace today, we’l see how close we get. We are all pretty spent and very much aware of the voyage ahead of us tomorrow. So I may not be writing to you again until I’m back in the states. In which case, thanks to those who have been reading so far. I will be making some updates when I get home about specific things that I didn’t have time to write about while I was here, but until then… KAMPAI!!

Cojelo con take it easy,


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