The way of the samurai

I know two posts in one day is a little much but we had the time before our send off from Nagoya so I thought I’d play catch up.

So today was the long awaited Tokugawa museum! This place is home to over 10,000 artifacts that have been passed down generation to generation by the descendants of Owari Tokugawa family. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures in this place, and unlike other places where pictures are “not allowed” they were watching us like hawks. The most amazing wings of the museum were completely dedicated to blades and their creation. Since I don’t have any eye candy for you, I’ll spare you all the details. But the replica of the traditional tea house and the actual shogun armor were pretty damn cool.

Of course like all other great properties in Japan, there was a garden kept to the liking of the Tokugawa family and in the style of what the shogun would have wanted, and of that I have plenty of pictures. This is the very entrance to the garden:


The lush area was riddled with small streams caused by the half dozen or so waterfalls that were scattered throughout the property. Here is a shot of Keara and Yukiko crossing one of the streams:


We followed only the most narrow and hidden paths which, as you might have expected, led us to places visitors shouldn’t really be going to. This is one such place, where as soon as we realized we weren’t supposed to be there we snapped pictures before evacuating:


Here is a quick shot so show the scope of this garden and some smaller pictures of some of the more beautiful things it contained.


IMG_0893 IMG_0900

IMG_0904 IMG_0907

There was plenty more but again I find myself running low on time. Suffice to say many aspects were added to my dream home setup.

Afterwards Yukiko took us to a restaurant that served more traditional Nagoya meals. I ordered a miso katsu plate which ended up coming with a ton more than just miso katsu:


That is the miso katsu in the middle with a bowl of hot noodles made specially here in Nagoya, on the left those are some breaded fried shrimp wrapped in sea weed and sushi rice, of course with a beer and some cold green tea. It was a diverse meal, the combination of flavors really complimented each other, which was unexpected. After putting away that much food we all needed to recharge:


So here we are in the hotel, getting ready for our last night in Nagoya. The girls are taking us to one of their favorite bars and we are more than happy to go along. I’ll be back with more when I get a chance, until then.

Cojelo con take it easy,


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