Sorry I wasn’t able to get anything written this morning or last night, we have been really busy. We got to Nagoya on a bit of a high note and just kept running with it. When Ansen said he had friends in this town he wasn’t lying and I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to be hanging out with locals.

After getting settled, Keara and I noticed that Ansen had mysteriously been missing for quite some time. We figured he had been on the phone with family or something and thought nothing of it. When he returned he was short and to the point: “get your stuff, lets go.” Go where? he didn’t say, but we did as he commanded. We got on the subway and when we got off there was a very kind Japanese girl there waiting for us, her name was Yukiko and Ansen had lived with her and her family when he was last here in Japan. She took us to eat at an Izakaya, but this time it came with references… The food was amazing, and again, having a local with us made life SOOO much easier. Some things on the menu that should have been basics to us tasted amazing and had a new zest, the chicken wings were some of the best I had ever had.


There are some things that exist here that I would look crazy for even asking for back home, if you look closely at my plate, that is a battered and fried ham cutlet… I don’t think I have to tell you that it tasted amazing. The seating was recessed into the floor as it is in many of these types of establishments and there was a group of businessmen having a grand old time right next to us, the combination of atmosphere and phenomenal food made for a fantastic dinner. Here’s a great shot of Keara feeling as she did when we finished our “all you can eat” meal in Kyoto:


That’s right, its all gone, and we did it…

The delicious food was gone and the night was still young, and our new friend Yukiko wanted to know what we wanted to do next. Scotch was on our minds and a local English pub seemed like the best place to find some. As we found ourselves in an English pub in the middle of Nagoya, we were astounded at the selection and the turn out. There was a football (soccer) match on and it seemed that this place was a local favorite for such events.


Our drink of choice for the night was Glenfiddich Ancient reserve, 18 years aged and only $6.30 a glass. Back home this was easily a $25 drink, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.


Just when we thought this place couldn’t get any better… Thriller came on. We couldn’t help but join in with a little dance right out of M.J.s classic music video, they even turned up the volume as apparently this was a favorite here.


To tell you the truth I’m getting a bit sleepy and I feel that right now I wouldn’t do today justice, so I’m going to call it a night. I’m figuring that since we are waiting for Yukiko to get out of class before heading to the Tokugawa museum tomorrow I should have plenty of time to report on todays exploits… until then.

Cojelo con take it easy,


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