A philosopher on the philosopher’s walk.

Yesterday we set out, as all days, very hungry. We fumbled around with ideas of going to several types of places but in the end we found it necessary to tackle an elusive beast that we had heard about in stories. This beast was… the MEGA MAC!! It’s actually two big macs stacked on top of each other, why we wouldn’t have this back home I have no idea (although I’m very thankful for it) but this thing definitely hit the spot.


With our guts full of imperialist trash we picked up our things and moved on. Our goal today is to visit Tetsugaku no michi, or the philosopher’s walk. It is a path through the eastern part of kyoto that the philosopher Nishida Kitaro used to walk through while meditating. During the short, 3 month, cherry blossom period of the year it looks like this:

(picture taken from Wikipedia.org)

Unfortunately that part of the year ended about 3 months ago so when we got there it looked like this:


I have to admit that even without the cherry blossoms this place did bring on a sense of self awareness. We walked the 2km both ways and spoke of the things in life that should and shouldn’t effect our day to day existence. Of course Keara and I stopped off at a cafe for a couple of drinks overlooking the peaceful scene:

IMG_0839 IMG_0840

And of course I couldn’t leave without a shot of the philosopher (me) on the philosopher’s walk, blazing the same trail as the great Nishida Kitaro:


Throughout this trip there have been things that I feel the perfect home should have. With the small bit of space that each family has it amazes me that very special attention (and real estate) is devoted to things like entry ways and small gardens. At one point we strayed from the path a bit and wandered around a small neighborhood where I found a home with this entrance:

IMG_0841 IMG_0842

Something about the fact that this spacious and beautiful entrance exists on such a tiny home makes me think that it should be a fantastic addition to my dream home, 1000 year old tree growing out of rocks and all.

On the hike home we came across one of the many crazy signs that this country has posted all over it, if anyone knows what this says or what justifies a giant daemon hand looming over school children PLEASE let me know!


We also bid farewell to Kyoto since last I checked in and while cleaning up we realized that without trying we had accidentally acquired a bit of a mini bar in our ryokan:


Our arrival in Nagoya was filled with excitement as we pulled up to our normally corporate hotel but since it’s the slow season here we were able to get a great price on a 3 bed room complete with wired internet and tv. So far this is definitely the most well equipped place we have stayed at and it definitely affords us the most privacy of any of our past temporary residences.

We’re off to find some delicious food, so I’ll be back with some more update-y goodness later.

Cojelo con take it easy,


(thanks dad)

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