Gods amongst men…

I really can’t put it any other way… Gion was AMAZING! We have seen some things thus far but last night was really a new experience. Geisha walking the streets, throngs of people filling the tiny alleys, it was everything cartoons and movies had led me to believe Japan should be. On top of that we found Japans biggest mistake when it came to this group of travelers… Pay by the hour all you can eat/drink… Oh yes, you read correctly ALL you can eat/drink. And the whole setup was pretty nice too, we had a small grill in the middle of the table and they brought us platters of meats to grill up as we saw fit, and it rained steak for the 90 minutes we payed for. What would 90 minutes of unadulterated grilling and beer cost? $200, $300? no no no, a measly $22 a person. Here are some shots of us doing what we do best… having a phenomenal time!


The first 3 platters were brought automatically they were a plate of small center cutlets, a plate of chuck slices and a plate of chicken and some really marbled meat we couldn’t really identify, but everything after that was up to us so we got a plate of rib cutlets and a plate of loin, topped with all the jokes and the atmosphere the food was amazing.


Another quick shot of Ansen and I toasting to being winners in the game of life.


When it was all said and done we killed all of it… all the food was gone, we were stuffed and we headed back out to the streets of Gion. Here is the aftermath, I couldn’t believe it either :


Drinking in the streets is completely ok here, as we have tested this law to its limits. Gion was littered with people in various states of disarray, which made a fantastic little opera for us to watch.  Keara and I stopped into a 711 for a few beers:


But we really didn’t have to considering that they have beer vending machines here:


Well, Its about noon here and were headed off to the philosophers walk to have a more stoic day. Be back with more updates soon.


Coje lo con take it easy,


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