Peter Shogun…

Sorry internet is not as easy to come by in kyoto so my posts won’t be as frequent. Although i did find a way to write my posts offline and sync them when I get the chance, so after this one they shouldn’t be made any shorter by the lack of connection.


Here we are in Kyoto, the difference in acceptance of "gaijin" is incredibly noticeable. We get looked at in the street all the time, but more as an oddity than anything negative. We are staying in a more traditional setting, what is known as a "Ryokan" where we sleep on the floor and there is no furniture IMG_0691in the tiny tiny rooms…

The rooms came with robes, we found out, hilarity ensued…


We ventured out to see some temples today, we ended up seeing a temple for "Kitsune" the fox which some may know bears special importance to me. We ended up breaking from the beaten path and hiking out on our own into the depths of kyoto, it was great seeing parts that tourist don’t usually get to see. Here is a shot of Kitsune:IMG_0719

I apologize that I have to cut this post short since we are out on a nightly adventure to "Gion" but we did manage to get to the shogunate palace today which was amazing. Keara and Ansen were mad that I kept everybody up with my snoring last night so here is a shot of her taking out her rage, you may also notice the 400 year old palace in the background.


On the way out we had the good fortune of being interviewed by a class of middle school children it was hilarious and they were great.



Im sorry I’m going to have to cut it there. But I’l be back soon with more updates (and believe me I left out tons of stuff that we have done here in Kyoto already, so i’l cover that too) and more pictures of us being idiots…


Coje lo con take it easy,


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