Sushi and Fuji

I had to cut out early this morning and wasn’t able to give you the full scoop on yesterday. I apologize… I’l try to not let it happen again.

So while we were in Harajuku we did finally get to a sushi bar, it was the traditional deal with a conveyor belt of plates going around to all the patrons. We were charged based on the color of the plates we had taken off the conveyor. Here is a shot of the view from where I was sitting:Green tea powder was included and the spout at the bottom of the picture let out piping hot water. The fish was delicious, and I did venture into some of the odd things that came about, but in the end I mostly had tuna, salmon and shrimp…After the sushi we went back to Shinjuku to a place Laz had been talking up. It was touted as a “Horror dining experience” we couldn’t resist. When we got to the place the sign outside said “the Lock Up” and was all black and red with blood all over it… looked interesting. We had to go down a flight of stairs to even see the county fair looking horror house entrance of the restaurant. As we went deeper into its bowels it got darker and then out of nowhere… flashing lights and a chained up man trying to get out of a chair behind some bars just inches from us!! A cheap parlor trick, but it worked. We were then greeted by a girl in a leather police outfit who chained up one of our party and led us to a cell deep within.Inside the cell was a table where we sat and the cell door (which was extra squeeky) was slammed shut behind us:The menu was shrouded in darkness as the gimmicky drinks had names like “shock” (which I ordered) and gave no hint as to what they may contain. When they arrived they looked more like middle school science experiments than drinks and most of them didn’t taste very good, mine tasted like grain alcohol with concentrated lemon juice:The place had already filled its radicality quota and we were just getting ready to ask for the bill when all of a sudden… All the lights turned off and sirens and black lights started going off with the occasional strobe of light, in the distance you could here women screaming and cell doors opening and closing. Then, from above me a long haired body in a jump suit came down reaching for Keara and I! We tried our best to avoid him but he kept reaching, he disappeared for a minute then opened our cell gate and ran in and started CHOKING poor keara!!! (it was a more playful choking, but even so this sort of thing would certainly incur a law suit back in the states) She was crying with laughter (and fear) and we just waited in the dark while the screaming and sounds continued. One more man in a ski mask came into our cell but he just sat, crossed his legs and twiddled his fingers quite innocently… the oddity of it made the action a little creepy in itself. Afterward, we gathered ourselves and paid the bill, made our way home and slept heartily.

The point of the next day (today) was supposed to be Mt. Fuji. We did make our way to the base of the mountain but the weather did not cooperate:If you can make it out, that is the snow cap of Mt. Fuji behind that light pole, needless to say we couldn’t get too far up the mountain due to the weather. But it wasn’t a complete bust, i did get to try a new type of meat. While we were waiting for the return bus I had some horse meat udon, I would have snapped a shot of the full bowl but I was so hungry that I completely forgot so here is a shot of the mostly empty bowl:The meat was pretty much ground which I thought would make it difficult to eat with chopsticks, but it held together well and was incredibly tasty.

The last thing I think everyone will find interesting before I turn in for the night is this trend of having English written on clothing here. Much like you question what the kanji on a person’s hat or shirt might say in the states some people wear things here that just look ridiculous, but it makes for a great laugh. Here are a couple of quick shots to say goodnight:

If you cant see the last one (I apologize for the darkness I couldn’t get the flash on before she crossed the street) it is a girl with a shirt that says “worlds best grandpa.” which I thought was amazing. Well that’s pretty much everything for right now. Talk to you all soon.

Coje lo con take it easy,

2 Responses to “Sushi and Fuji”

  1. Stellar Says:

    Fun stuffs! Thank you for the regular updates. Nice watch you got there–way cooler than what I imagined when you said you were going to get one in Akiba. Hope you are getting enough rest during your trip. Oyasuminasai.(kiem)

  2. alikab00b Says:

    i’m so proud of you guys!!! remember to look both ways and keep keara close since she tends to wander off, especially when there’s a pole around ;> p.s. if something happens to her, don’t bother returning to the states…have fun! ;>

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