settled in, time for the real fun.

I was a bit spent when we got back to the hostel yesterday so i really wasn’t up for some pleasant chit chat on here, but im well rested and showered now so heres the update.

When we awoke on the first day I was in dire need of some grease and protein, I know its not traditional but we hit a denny’s (the picture menus were a huge deciding factor), believe me it was not what i was used to back in the states. There was classical music playing and the decor was more like a steakhouse than an all day breakfast joint. My breakfast was amazing, in fact i don’t think I’ve eaten a breakfast this delicious in quite some time. Heres what it looked like:
Yup, that’s mango… and look at the size of that toast! It was amazing. The poor waitress spilled a glass of water on my lap which was actually a great piece of fortune for us, she was so embarrassed she almost cried while she meeked out japanese apologies as quickly as she possibly could, all the while with me saying “daijobu, daijobu” to let her know i didn’t really mind.

From there we went to one of the expected highlights of our trip, Akihabara the electronics district, although the gate sign in the subway said this:

Once we got there i was not disappointed one bit we were graced with some of the most amazing and bizarre electronics my techno-geeky little eyes had ever seen. It was like a specialty electronics shop out in the open, things you would have to travel great lengths, to some hidden away specialty shop to find back in the states are right here around every corner. here’s a phone that transforms into a small robot…
A big point of interest for me was finding a watch, since I had not brought mine and grown quite used to wearing one I needed a stand in (the tan line and constantly having to ask what time it was were also getting annoying), but anyone who knows me knows that it couldn’t be just any watch so we searched Akihabara high and low until i found the perfect watch and it will do just fine for this trip, here’s a shot of it.If anyone really cares to know how it works i’l explain when i get back.

After that we went to Shibuya the worlds largest (by volume anyway) street crossing is. We participated in the crossing a few times as we made our way through this part of town. Its really a site to behold and if i could post the video of us actually going through the crossing i would but for now this picture will have to do:There is plenty to tell about this part of town but I can’t get to it all right now.

After Shibuya we headed over to Shinjuku since everyone was kind enough to indulge me in a part of japan I personally wanted to see. The sound of pachinko could be heard from every single point in town. Some fumbling around with maps and a spot of fantastic luck landed us in a bar that we really shouldn’t have been allowed into, there were no “gaijin” to be seen and only businessmen were going in or out, shoes off and the whole 9. Not a single employee spoke a word of english as this is one place in town that foreigners never visit, thankfully they were still very kind and we both tried our darnedest to communicate. The end result was a modestly priced sake (apparently the better refined sake is served cold here) that was served to us in a way we had never seen even the members of the party who had already been to japan. They put the glass inside of a box then filled the glass to overflow and also fill the box, looked like this:Then we made our way to another hidden away place that was not used to foreigners, I guess they didn’t anticipate travelers to have good taste in food and drink but we were on the hunt for fine scotches and we found the place. A second story scotch bar called the Bar Hermit:Where I got to sample a rare treat and new favorite from the Islay region of Scotland: Laphroaig 30 years aged scotch, my comment at the time was “Its like drinking angels tears down an Oak luge!” needless to say it was delicious.

There is plenty more to say but my travel mates are already shooting daggars at me for taking so long so here is a quick shot of the Shinjuku sky line at night:

Coje lo con take it easy,

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