The ordeal of getting here…

What do a bunch of geniuses do when posed with the question of how to go about setting off on a cross planet journey? stay up drinking all night before the trip… Which would have been alright had we just passed out on the planes, only problem is I can’t sleep on my back much less sitting up which resluted in a 3 hour plane ride to Chicago with absolutely no sleep. The wait in the terminal yeilded no sleep as well so i thought i was doomed… then we board the ANA [all nippon air] flight thinking it was going to be the worste, 14 hours of coach travel. We boarded to find smiling faces and some of the best service I have ever received ever. the meals were delicious and the movie choices weren’t completely horrible, and the plane had a feature that I feel has been missing from comercial flight since the advent of digital cameras… a cockpit view of takeoff and landing while showing you the view from the bottom of the plane for the rest of the ride! best idea ever. So we manage to survive the flights, and submit ourseves to the labarynth that is tokyos subway system, we get to the general area of our destination and surrender to our lack of navigation capability in the city on our first day to find ourselves in a cab. somehow the cab driver has no idea where we are going, he tries calling the number provided and says that the nuber is “messed up” and he can’t call it, then he pulls over and goes for a walk around to ask locals for advise, needless to say we are pretty out of it from the trip and don’t find too much wrong with his technique… somehow we found this place and here i sit typing away… still no sleep and this place has no AC… not sure how that is going to effect my mood for the beginning of this trip but hopefully i’l have some more cogent news after i get some food in me…

coje lo con take it easy,

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