The send off…

Here it is, my last night in Gainesburg and it seems the locals have caught wind of my departure. On my way home from work I get a call from Dee, “sure don’t meet us up, i guess its sayonara then…” I couldn’t say no to a going away round. Dee, Steve and the other locals joked around about the trip for a while when King Kool arrived “Hey mr. Chinaman!” a new nickname that I’m sure won’t go away even if I pay these people. The joking continued, a few rounds of guinness and then Dee had this genius idea: “how about a round of kamakazes for my man” (yea he talks like that and we love him for it) to which no one gave a negative response. The clan moved to Salty Dog and the Kamekazes flowed like wine. B.C. had the great idea of playing “I will do anything for love” on the jukebox which lasted 5 hours and before I knew it, I’m way late for getting stuff ready. 8:30 and it will be a fun walk home, time to get it together for this trip. got an early morning tomorrow, then the fight against holiday traffic to get south. This is how things are in this city and how your good friends say “bon voyage”. Thanks guys, I’ll have a drink or two for you.

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