Lookin’ out for number one

Ok so I know I said I wouldn’t post anything for a few days but I’ve been keeping my packing list in 3 different places and syncing them in profoundly complicated ways, when it struck me I could just put it here and edit it as I pleased. So, here you go… me… this is the list of stuff you absolutely can not leave the country without! do it, do it…

button up or polo or both
hoodie, sweater, something semi-warm

going out shoes

Gaming apps and devices with modded games (don’t forget mario64 and space invaders)
Camera, charge both batteries
2.5 hdd (tetsuo)
plane tickets & train ticket vouchers

As you can see the list is in 3 parts: clothing, foot freshness, and techy nerd necessities. All of these things are very much needed to ensure my survival in the land of the rising sun, lest I find myself needing to fend off a gang of skript kiddies with my eee 133tness…


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