I can almost taste it!

Ok, 10 days to takeoff. Pretty much every second of my free time is spent doing research. The trip will mainly cover 3 cities: Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagoya (in that order and hopefully with a trip to Osaka in there too). As far as reading has gotten me, Tokyo is the city most adapted to non Japanese visitors or “Gaijin” it is also technological hub of the country. Oddly enough when speaking to the members of our party that have already been to japan they warn me that “the japanese aren’t really computer people” and I don’t understand that. This is the tech mecca of the universe! how can they not be computer people?! I will have to investigate when I arrive and draw my own conclusions. One of our first stops in Tokyo will be “Akihabara” a.k.a. the electronics district, which has been described to me as 3 time squares facing each other. I can’t wait, and I’m pretty sure that if I am looking for tech minded people, this will be the place. Just over a week away and I’m starting to get the jitters, can’t wait, I just want to be there already. Well That will be it for now, next time I post anything should be the day before or day of take off.

Stay up,


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